Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts 8/31/10

Hi Everyone.  Happy Tuesday!  Yes, it's still Tuesday.  Although, not for long.  So I've got to hurry up and do some random thoughts then go link up with Keely .  She's always got awesome randomness!

Speaking of "random", I had a "random act of kindness" bestowed upon me today.  I'd gone to the garden to pick up our share of veggies.  We own a share in a CSA (community-supported agriculture) garden.  Anyway, some stuff is already picked, but there is usually a "pick-your-own" group too.  So I picked.  And it was 90 degrees out there.  And I was hot and thirsty.  I stopped at the Jack in the Box on my way home to get a drink.  When I told the cashier all I wanted was a large drink, he said, "Is that all?  Well, then put your money away.  It's on me." and he handed me a cup.  Not just a large, but the super-jumbo thirst quencher cup.  At no charge.  I realize it costs them only pennies on each soft drink, so the profit margin is huge.  But still.  It was really nice.  And, yes, I got a diet.  Who needs a thousand ounces of sugar-filled soda!

Why do kids have to be so mean?  My 9-year-old is having issues on the bus.  Apparently, some kids are teasing him about the hair on his legs.  Hello!  Every kid has hair on his legs.  What's that all about.  And they joked about the fact that he was reading on the bus.  He likes to read.  And they told him that he was in "low" math so he's dumb.  Well, actually, we got a letter from the school district telling us they were putting him in "high" math based on his math scores in 3rd grade.  So, not only is the kid who's teasing him being mean, he's also misinformed.  Little shit.

I'm back to teaching after 6 years home with my kids.  OMG has the world changed since I was in college!  I have actually shown 2 youtube videos in my class.  How cool is that!  Someone suggested I give them extra credit for making a youtube video based on class stuff.  Hmm.  Maybe.

But technology isn't always the best thing.  I went to my classroom today with my powerpoint slides all ready to go and the computer would not talk to the projector.  So I ended up putting everything on the chalk board.  So 1980's!  Then I went into a local joint to check out the b-day party stuff they do (2 and a half weeks until my littlest baby turns 8 years old!) and one of my students was working there.  And I didn't recognize her as one of my students.  Well, there are over 100 of the them and this is only the second week.  

I'm ready for all my kids to outgrow birthday parties.  That's so "bad mom" of me, isn't it!?

Saw 3 deer in the hood this week.  And I happened to have my camera with me in the car.

K.  Thanks for stopping by today!


Coffeypot said...

How is your stuff listed on You Tube? I would like to see it.

Vancouver's Enviro Girl said...

Kids are evil. Well, at least they are evil to each other. And we take great delight years, decades even, later seeing their loss of hair or expanse of the middle. So, I guess it all balances out in the end :)

And at least you managed to post your RTT ON Tuesday. Unlike me who can't push buttons and consequently publishes hers on Wednesday afternoon.

rxBambi said...

the deer are so so cool.

and yes, kids are evil. they should all be locked up until they are 40. Or 39 and 1/2. at least.

love you.

Pat said...

Kids ARE mean! Luckily not ALL of them! I have horror stories about my son.

The random act of kindness made me smile.