Friday, August 13, 2010

Furry Friends Friday 8/13/10 - I HATE PARVO!

Our home has been blessed with the presence of 11 foster dogs over the last year or so.  Our most recent fosters were a couple of puppies named Bonnie and Clyde.
I was getting my hair done on a Tuesday morning when I got a call from Jackie.  She said there were two puppies at Animal Control.  They were scheduled to be put down at 1:00 and she just couldn't rescue them herself (she'd been there to rescue two other dogs.  She and Kim already had something like 17 puppies at their house and another dozen or so at the "shelter").  She wondered if there was any way I could get them and foster them for a few weeks until they were old enough to be adopted.

I rushed over there and we began our 4 week foster with these adorable babies.  I named them Bonnie (the black and tan) and Clyde.
Boy were these little darlings a handful!  I had no idea.  Not that I'm that naive about how much work puppies can be.  But to have two 10-week-old puppies in the house with 3 other dogs and 3 kids was just about overwhelming.  And the wonderful ladies at Hope Rescues knew we were doing the best we could.  We got them their shots and worming medicine.
We picked up lots of pee and poop.  I bought pee pads, but Bonnie loved to shred them.

Well, after 4 weeks there was room for them at the shelter.  So we packed them up and kissed them goodbye.  I knew they'd be more visible to potential adopters there.  And, frankly, I needed a break from them.  As much as I loved them, it was soooo much work!

Well, sadly, I learned yesterday that both Bonnie and Clyde came down with parvo.  It's a deadly disease and so easy for little puppies to contract, even when everyone does everything right.  Bonnie bounced back and is about to be adopted.  Clyde didn't make it. 
I'll always wonder if I'd only kept them at my house a few more weeks.....
Maybe Clyde would still be with us.  I'm sorry Clyde.  I miss you.


McGillicutty said...

Ohhh I am sure it would have happened anyway, you can't beat yourself up with the what if's!!! Look at all the puppies you HAVE saved. You do fantastic work and when one slips thru the cracks it's just what was meant to be. Hugs...xxxxxx..big hugs xxxxx

Kristen said...

That is so sad. Like McGillicutty said, though, you can't beat your self up wondering. He had a great few weeks.

rxBambi said...

Neither one would have made it if it weren't for you. Just think about Bonnie. She's going to live a long and happy life.

and I love you.