Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts 8/10/10

It's Tuesday, so head on over to the Un-Mom and hook-up!

I'm late, it's 5:15 pm here, but it's still Tuesday.  So don't yell at me!

Why is it that a 14-yr-old boy can still entertain himself with a whoopi cushion?  Well, I guess my 40-something boy can entertain himself with a whoopi cushion too.

I guess it's gonna be hot when the paper warns of "blistering heat."  Is it wrong for me to send the kids out to play?  Well, I didn't.

Why does my skin think I'm a teenager?  I'm 44.  I'm not supposed to get zits!

I am sooooo ready for school to start!  My kids are so sick of each other.

Ok, my husband and 14-yr-old son are now popping bubble wrap bubbles and giggling hysterically.  It may be the heat. 

Chili (the pug) keeps hanging onto Ginger's neck.  It's funny.  But I'm sure it hurts.

I saved over $200 today on clothes shopping.  Of course, I had to spend $300 to do it.

Well, I've got to get dinner on the table.  So I'd better shut up.
Go see Keely!  Happy Tuesday!


McGillicutty said...

Woahhhh $200 saved!!! woop woop!! hubby would see it as $300 spent.
bubble wrap and whoopie cushions never get old.

Ed said...

Fart-like noises are part of our DNA as men & boys.

Anonymous said...

Hi- Dropping by from Keely's. Happy Random Tuesday. I'm feeling your pain- I'm 41 and am still struggling with zits- it isn't fair.

VandyJ said...

Now I have nothing to look forward to. My skin thinks it's still in high school too, but I'm 36. If you are still getting them, I have nothing to hope for anymore. Anyway- Happy Tuesday.

Coffeypot said...

Popping bubble wrap has been a male bonding tridition since Cain popped Abel's head.

Breenuh said...

My mom can entertain herself pretty well with a whoopi cushion too. Especially if we have dinner guests, haha.

ag. said...

i LOVE saving money...even if it means I've spent it to save it...doesn't it make you feel so proud!?

Jill C. said...

Blistering heat and humidity here! One of my pugs (Lilly) started a new game of "drop the kibble down the stairs and watch it roll to the basement"! I agree, must be the heat!