Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gone Fishin'

5:30 AM - Sunrise on Kentucky Lake - June 2011

Once again our family has made it to beautiful Kentucky Lake.  We've come here 3 times before, always staying at the same place (a gem we stumbled upon the first time we came here).  Nothing fancy.  Just a welcoming, homey, really clean fishing resort with individual cabins and an excellent view.

This is the fourth day of our week-long stay.  The big guy and cub #1 are out with a professional fishing guide today (can I still call my teenager a cub?).  His name is Captain Kirk!  How cute is that?  The last 3 times they went out with him, they had phenomenal luck catching tons of fish.  So I hope they have a great day today.

But we don't need a professional guide to catch fish!  Check out the fish two of the 3 boys caught in the last couple of days. :)

"What happened to these fish?", you may ask?
Yup, we threw them all back.  I'm expecting the boys to bring back dinner from their trip today.  But the other fishing we're doing here is just for fun.

Youngest is, of course, a little disappointed he hasn't gotten a fish yet.  That's my only goal for the rest of the week.  I caught something yesterday.  Too bad it turned out to be part of an old leather purse or bag of some kind.  So I wouldn't mind catching a fish too. :)

There are some other families here as well.  These parents, though, get a little grumpy if you get too close to their kids.
Well, I guess I would too if I wasn't sure of your intentions.

Besides the geese and their babies, which we can see at home, there are tons of blue herons here.  We do see them at home too, but not nearly as many or as often as you can see them here.  They are so graceful when they stalk along the shore or fly over the lake.  But have you ever heard one of them?  I think they must have been the inspiration for sounds the pterodactyls make in movies.  They make the most prehistoric-sounding squawk.

I hope the start of your summer is going great as well!
Until next time!


Coffeypot said...

I'd throw the fish back, too. If I had to bring home dinner, I'd get carry out at the Waffle House.

sophie...^5 said...

SUMMER...please be SUNNY...we are deluged with RAIN....nope not complaining `cos what`s the use...What a beautiful place you have discovered and will undoubtedly be part of your life from now on...Cheers!