Friday, May 20, 2011

A Huge Gift

Hope Rescues a hit with White Sox pitcher - The Telegraph

Many of you who follow me know that our family regularly fosters dogs for a rescue group called Hope Rescues.  We love it.  And we love them.  They are some of the most dedicated and selfless people we know.  When they rescue a dog they make a commitment to that dog.  If he/she isn't adopted, he/she will live life at the rescue, loved and cared for forever.  If an adoption doesn't work out, the dog is welcomed back.  If the dog needs an expensive vet procedure that the new owners (even after years) can't afford, Hope Rescues will help raise the money needed.  And how do dogs end up with them?  Most of the dogs come from animal control facilities.  After the other rescue groups have come in and claimed the "cutest" or "most adoptable dogs," Hope comes in and rescues as many of the "left-overs" as they have room for.

I'm, of course, not the only ones who love Hope Rescues.  About 3 years ago a nice young couple came to Hope Rescues to donate some items and help out with some work around the dogs.  This young couple quickly learned that the co-founders of Hope, Jackie and Kim, are as dedicated as I've said.

This young couple turned out to be Mark and Jamie Beurhle.  If you don't follow baseball, and more specifically, the Chicago White Sox (like I didn't), you might not recognize Mark's name.  He is the pitcher for the White Sox.  They have recently given Hope the biggest gift they've ever gotten.  Please read the link above if you'd like.  It's heart-warming.

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Father Tom said...

Thanks for introducing us to Hope Rescues..and what a great gift from a White Sox pitcher (no wonder the president always mentions the White Sox).

Found you on the BlogHop. Nice to meet you guys!

Tom & Julie