Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday Thoughts with Ginger

Hi All.  Ginger here.  You may have been wondering what's been up with Barb.  She hasn't posted in FOREVER.  Well.  She's been busy raising money for our favorite dog and cat rescue, Hope Rescues.  She has been working on this yard sale for weeks.  Lots of wonderful people dropped stuff off in our garage.  It looked like a disaster!  But she managed, with lots of help, to get it all organized.  Then a very generous person donated a bunch of stuff from her shop.  Jewelry, flowers, Christmas ornaments, etc.

After the sale was done, we'd raised over $1000!  The nice ladies at Hope were so happy.  I think they paid off some vet bills with it.  Here's Chili laying in the pillow tub.  Our wonderful cousin donated all the pillows from her bedroom for the sale.  Chili thought they were there for her to lay on!

At the dog party we went to a couple of weeks ago (see Sassy's post below) we got to see our last foster dog, Freeway.  He is loving his new life.  He even has a new name, Dave!  He goes to the race track.  Loves the cars and the golf carts.  Everyone thinks he's great.  We all miss him, of course.  But we are glad he found a great forever home.  We will probably be getting a new foster dog soon.  As soon as we can get Chili to stop pooping in the front hall closet!

Well, maybe Barb can get back to posting on a somewhat regular basis now that the yard sale is over.  Thanks for stopping by today!



otin said...

I have not been blogging much, either. Maybe I need to get a dog to do my posts! LOL

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I've come close to quitting all together. My life is way too busy. I have to clean out my shed for a garage sale but the weather sucked today.

Congrats on raising $1,000! Whooo hoooo! What a great cause too! I'm happy for Dave and his new life.

Great post and LOL at Otin's comment!