Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sassy Sunday

Hi Everyone!  I'm going to a dog party!  Big dogs, little dogs, black dogs, white dogs, red dogs and green dogs!  They will all be at the dog party!

So why am I going to a dog party, you ask?  Well, it's a party to celebrate Hope Rescues ' 1000th rescue.  That's right.  Hope has rescued over 1000 animals.
 "Our rescue started out as being two people deeply affected by the aftermath of hurricane Katrina and the suffering of the animals.  November 15th, 2005 a group of pets arrived in Alton Illinois, some from the hurricane others from animal control facilities that use the gas chamber  to euthanize.  Working with those animals and seeing the "hope" in their eyes and the spirit of their souls drove us to continue our work today.  We are a RESCUE and we physically go pull animals on their last day of life at animal control so that they may find a true second chance within our adoption program.  Today we are a non-profit corporation and our mission is one of compassion for the homeless, rehabilitation for the physically and mentally abused.  Our goals are to promote spay/neuter, stop the use of gas chambers to kill our homeless pets, and to educate people on how to treat all animals with respect and dignity."
Chili was rescued by Hope.  Along with her mom and dad.  And all of those pesky (and not-so-pesky) foster dogs we've had at our house have come from there too.  And all of them have since found a loving forever home thanks to our friends Kim and Jackie.

We haven't had a foster since Freeway left a few weeks ago.  But Barb's been super busy helping with Hope anyway.  We're having a huge garage sale to raise money for the rescue.  Lots of people have been dropping off stuff at our house for the sale and Barb has been sorting, hanging, setting up, pricing, etc.  If you live near St. Louis and are into garage sales you should come check it out.  One of the local businesses even donated a bunch of cool stuff to sell.

Ok.  Thanks for stopping by today.  And if you're not busy, come by the dog party!  It's from 1 - 5 in Alton, IL.  (just hop on a plane, fly to St. Louis, rent a car, drive to Alton, and you're there!)

Happy Sunday,


tori said...

I'm so there! (now I just need to get my pet to bring me)


otin said...

Have one in my neighborhood and I will go! :)