Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sassy Sunday

Hi Everyone.  Sassy here for another Sassy Sunday.  Glad you could join me!

I am sooooo embarrassed!  Apparently, a huge, possibly invisible, lagomorph was able to get into the house last night undetected.  The kids say he left them candy.  Hey, I know how to smell a rabbit!  Ginger and I even dug up a nest full of baby rabbits a couple of years ago.  We were only able to kill one of them before Barb stopped us, though.  I couldn't understand why she was upset.  But we left the rest alone and the mom came back and took care of them.
My neighbor Cyrus had better luck this year.  He found a nest in his yard.  His owner said Cyrus left the dead baby bunnies on the back porch for him.  And he wasn't mad at all.
Anyway, I guess I'd better try harder to keep unwanted animals out of the house.  There were two visits by the Tooth Fairy in the last couple of weeks.  But I don't count them.  Fairies aren't edible as far as I know.  And they don't eat the day lilies like the rabbits do (see, I'm doing Barb a favor by ridding the yard of them).

I've enjoyed having all my boys home for spring break this past week.  But they are going back to school this week.  Then I think we are going to get a new foster dog.  I'm still trying to get Chili to pee and poop outside, so I hope Barb doesn't bring home another puppy.  We could use a mature lady like me.  I'd even put up with a boy if he doesn't lift his leg where he's not supposed to.  (I have a cousin that does that.  But I won't mention any names.)

Thanks for stopping by today!  Have a happy Sunday.  See ya next week.


Brian Miller said...

lol. hope you have an increddible sunday!

Jill C. said...

Love the picture with Chili! Sooo cute!

rxBambi said...

just wait til your newest cousin comes over to pee on things.. he's not even tutored yet!!

love you sassy! I'm at grandma's but I'll be home soon and will come over with the boys and jenny <3

Erin said...

It makes me sad about the baby bunnies, but I know it's instinct.

My dog is totally housetrained, but when we bring him to someone else's house (i.e. MIL's), he lifts his leg on her furniture. I think it's just to mark his territory (she has a male dog as well), frustrating!

mrs mediocrity said...

We had a black lab/shepherd mix a few years ago that dug up a bunny nest, all died except for one quivering little guy who managed to burrow down into the grass...we watched him grow that summer, and we assume the adult bunny in our garden now is him...and I just can't get so mad when the bunnies eat my flowers now...