Monday, March 15, 2010

Memoir Monday and a Spoonful of What?

Hi Everyone.  Thanks for stopping by.  I thought I'd play Memoir Monday with Travis at I Like to Fish  again this week.  Check him out, he has a hilarious easter egg story to tell this week!

As for me, I'll tell you a story about the time my husband and I were living in Spain.  We went to the Basque region of Spain for 6 months with a program with the University of Reno, NV.  We were given the choice to either stay in a dorm or rent a room from a local family.  We love to immerse ourselves in other cultures, so we chose to stay at someone's home.  Our hostess was named Milagros, which in Spanish means "miracles".  Milagros was an older adult, probably in her 60's (at 23 everyone older than 40 seems really old.  But she did have grown children).  She had an older home that did have a few bugs in it.  But Milagros wasn't going to have any part of insects invading her home.  So she would spray bug spray constantly in the house.  It's a miracle she didn't poison herself.  She kept saying how she loved the way the bug spray smelled so she'd spray more and breathe it in deeply (while we were holding our breath and heading for the door).  She also had lace doilies on almost every flat surface.  And Hubby and I had to bite our lips to keep from laughing when she asked a friend how she liked her decorating style and the other woman told her it looked gaudy.  Good times.

A Spoonful of What?
Ya know that Mary Poppins Song "Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down?"  Well, this week I've been experimenting with this concept.
First, the easy one, the puppy.  He needs an antibiotic.  The capsules are huge and the dose is twice what he should get at one time.  So I'm opening them up and mixing them with a spoon full of canned dog food, dividing it in two and giving it to him.  Despite the fact that it smells gross to me, he loves it.  Easy.

Then there's my kid.  He is supposed to chew two amoxicillin tablets three times a day.  He hates them!  So I'm grinding them up with mortar and pestle and mixing them in something yummy to try to get him to take them.
I've tried vanilla ice cream.  I've tried cookie dough ice cream.  I've tried yogurt.  I've tried butterscotch pudding (the best according to the pharmacist at masking bad flavors).  I've tried applesauce.  I've tried threatening him with loss of TV and video games.  I guess I'll need to try the dog food next!

Thanks for stopping by today.  Happy Monday!


mrs mediocrity said...

I am having the same problem with my cat, he has to get a pill every other day, (for bad teeth so I don't want to push it down his throat).. I have ground it up into everything I can think of but he is SO on to me!...Love your blog!

JoeyRes said...

My mom always mixed my meds with ice cream because I couldn't swallow a pill until I was 16.

For dogs we always just jam a pill down there throats. No spoonful of anything!

Travis said...

Have you tried a throat chop?

It works 85% of the time most of the time.

Do it right, they can't even cry!

Thanks for playing with me today!

Cripes. Don't let your husband read that.

The Fragrant Muse said...

I have a non-pill-taking teenager and never thought of grinding up meds with mortar and pestle. Brilliant!

As far as your challenge, I'd mix it up in honey or something too delicious to pass up. Maybe melted butter and brown sugar? Of course, by the time he's better he'll be toothless.