Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Hour Friday and Follow Me Fridays

Hi All.  Happy Friday.  First of all, today is Follow-Me Friday over at the Trendy Treehouse.  It's easy.  Just link-up and follow someone!  (then they follow you back. how cool is that!)

And today is Happy Hour thanks to our favorite Rxbambi.

I'm really not feeling very happy today.  But I'll try.

The puppies are acting like a couple of, well, puppies this morning.  Running around and chewing on each other.  I've already had to chase Freeway up the steps and rescue a teddy (my kids call any of their stuffed animals "teddies") from his sharp puppy teeth twice this morning.

I've noticed that when I run up the stairs my ankle hurts.

Spring break starts today for the two youngest kids.  I'll have them home all freakin' week next week too.  Yeah.  Let's try to be happy 'bout that.  BTW, big brother's spring break doesn't start until next Thursday.  Think he's happy about that?

I'm happy about the spring flowers blooming.  I've got several lovelies in my yard. (the yellow daffs will be in my yard soon.  Just bought them to go behind the purple mini irises).

I hope you'll link up with Bambi and have a few drinks on her.  Happy Friday!  Thanks for stopping by.


mean_owen said...

I do love the star magnolias. We have two large ones outside my building at work. I look forward to seeing them bloom every year.

tori said...

I know how you can get happy...come visit me and we'll take the train into the city and both surprise Bambi! :)