Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Sassy wasn't at all a "throw-away" dog, but we were her 4th family in her first 9 months of life.  And that is not counting her birth home.  See, Sassy was first adopted by my husband's boss.  The family loved her and would have kept her, but the dad was allergic to her.  She is supposed to be a chihuahua mix and the dad was not allergic to their other chihuahua mix.  So they hoped he wouldn't be allergic to her.  But look at her picture.  My husband noted that if she had any chihuahua in her, she must have eaten one.
Anyway, since he was allergic, he gave Sassy to his secretary.  She would have kept her but her Jack Russell Terrier had other ideas.  So they gave Sassy to their neighbors.
The neighbors were an older couple who were looking for a small, calm lap dog.  Sassy was a puppy and it was obvious she was not going to be a small dog.  She weighs about 30 lbs now.  I guess that makes her officially a medium sized dog.  And she had all the energy of a puppy.  She was just too much for them.
So about a month before we were scheduled to move from Alabama to Illinois, my husband's boss asked him if we could take Sassy.  Her daughter was particularly worried that Sassy was having trouble finding a good home.  So we agreed to meet the older lady at a grocery store parking lot to see if Sassy might fit into our lives.
She jumped right in the car and pretty much acted like she'd been a part of our family all along.  Ginger accepted her pretty easily.  And the cat, who had just been captured and brought inside, really had no choice.
Now Sassy is the ultimate lover-dog.  Her favorite thing to do is sit next to someone on the couch, her head on that person's chest.  She'll look up into that person's eyes with adoration and sigh with contentment.  My friend Carole found that out when she came over one evening in October.  Sassy attached herself to Carole and adored her the whole time she was here.

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