Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Big (Hen) House

Well, the girls have moved to the hen house.  They seem happy in their new digs.  Instead of having a concrete dog run they have a pen outside under the pine trees.  As soon as their feet touched the soft dirt they were scratching and making all kinds of chicken noises.  It was great!
New digs for the chickens

Girls outside enjoying their new yard

I'm thinking this hen may actually be a rooster. :)
Look at her compared to the one above! (They don't just give those college degrees away, ya know!)
Inside they have nesting boxes, their food and water, and a couple of roosting places.  Look at all that nice clean bedding! 

 Chili likes to come with me to check on chickens. Ginger usually comes too.  Sassy likes the chickens ok, but she's more of a "go out to do my business then lay on the couch" kind of dog.  What is it, I wonder, that makes chicken poop taste so good?  Well, you'll have to ask Ginger.  She snags every opportunity to clean up after those birds.  Silly girl.  No wonder I had to worm her this spring!
We've got some lovely sunflowers blooming.  And in the garden we have tomatoes and cucumbers already.  And a butternut squash. :)
The radishes are all gone.  We had a ton of them left over after Sassy and Chili had their fill so we wanted to find a recipe that called for lots of radishes.  My DH found one that was just divine.  It is called simply Red Radish Soup.  But it should be called "The Best Cream of Radish Soup Ever."
Here's a picture.
If you'd like to try it, go here.
It's even good the next day served as a chilled soup!

That's what's going on in the lives of Sassy, Ginger, Chili and Me.  Thanks for stopping by!



Two French Bulldogs said...

We don't even have our own little house. We're moving in
Benny & Lily

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Your chickies have the nices home ever! Your right- even thier beds are clean.
I never ate chickie poop yet...
What does it taste like?
Your flowers are sooo pretty.

julochka said...

radish soup? i also just saw roasted radishes on pinterest. it's a vegetable that i clearly need to rethink...