Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sassy Sunday - A summer of kittens comes to an end

Hey Friends!  Sassy here. :)

Well, our kitten summer is over.  The last of the foster kittens, Lucky, went to a new foster home on Friday.  Barb would have liked to have kept him, but he was making life miserable for my dad (cat allergies) so he went to stay with a man who has another foster kitten.  That kitten is a cute little siamese girl.  That will be best for Lucky.  Our cat, Spooky, is not much into playing with kittens. (That didn't keep Lucky from trying to play with him, though!)

We had a great party this weekend.  Our youngest human turns 9 years old today.  So his Aunt Sue and cousin Ashley came over to celebrate.  And the 9-yr-old next door was here too.  The people ate burgers and brats and had something called a cookie cake.  Ginger, Chili and I just got dog food.  But it was fun to have people in the house.  9 years old!  When I joined the family he was just about 4 years old.  They do grow up fast.  But he still loves me.  And I love him.

Barb should have some pictures from his party at the video game place later today.  They don't allow dogs there so I won't be in any of the pictures. boo

But here's a funny picture of Chili for your enjoyment.  She often sticks out her tongue when she's asleep and Barb finds it funny to take a picture.  Thanks for stopping by today!

PS poor Chili.  She's so ugly she's cute!


Ali said...

aaahhh.. I would take pics of that too... Happy Sunday!!

Oskar said...

That Chili is a cutie!

Nubbin wiggles,

Anonymous said...

Oooohhhh happy birthday little human!