Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sassy Sunday - New Girl in Town

Hi Everyone, Sassy here.  Well, I am finally rid of all the extra cats in the house and what does Barb do?  She gets a foster dog!  Meet Tracker.  She's a 5 year old basset hound mix.  She is much prettier than her name.  Her name should be something adorable like "Sassy".

Anyway, Barb got a call Friday night from a friend.  Tracker had been in someone's backyard, chained to a tree for several months.  Her yard was just a mud pit.  Her dog house had holes in it.  And her dog bed, which was outside of her dog house, was crusted with mud.  She got fed (sometimes by the owner, sometimes by the neighbors) but no one at the house ever paid her any attention.  A nice lady (Amber, the Dog Nanny) had been feeding her and playing with her but knew that the best thing would be for someone to get her outta there.  So Barb's friend Patty (who knows Amber) just went over and asked the owner if he'd be willing to give his dog away.  Without a second thought (and without knowing Patty or what might become of the dog) he said yes.

Patty asked Barb if there was any way Hope Rescues could take the dog.  Barb asked Jackie and Kim. They said yes.  So now Tracker is officially a Hope Rescues dog being fostered in our house. (and eating my food, playing with my kids and my toys)

She is a very pretty girl.  Mostly basset hound but her legs are too long to be all basset.  Anyone have a guess?

Anyway, we'll keep you updated on our new girl.

And now a note from Chili - Chili received a package from Something Wagging This Way Comes.  It was full of wonderful stuff!  Toys, treats, poop bags, coupons, samples, etc.  What a great surprise!  Barb entered her in the giveaway and she won!  Yeah!  And because she is such a good pack sister, she shared all the stuff with Ginger and me.  Here is a picture of us checking everything out.
There are two cute little stuffed toys.  (you can see the blue on in the photo)  I took the liberty of de-stuffing them for Chili.  I'm much better at it than she is and Barb wasn't watching closely enough.  Why or why do they put that stuffing in toys anyway?  But no matter.  Chili just loves them unstuffed and they keep her company when she has her kennel time.  My favorite was the freeze-dried turkey hearts.  We all loved those!  So from Chili, Ginger and me, Thank you Something Wagging!

Thanks for stopping by today!  I hope everyone has a great week!


Elizabeth said...

Oh, what a lovely (and lucky) girl! (My molly was part Basset (but less than Tracker). I think she (Tracker) must have some other hound (like Beagle?) in her (because of her ears).

I hope she finds a wonderful forever home quickly.

Kirsten (peacefuldog) said...

Yay! Congratulations on your new foster-friend! That's so wonderful that your human saw a need arise and just stepped right up.

And congrats on that awesome gift box from Something Wagging! Pamela has excellent timing :)

Benny and Lily said...

Hi new friends...yea for your newfoster
Benny & Lily

Pamela said...

So glad to hear the girls like their swag bag. Thanks for sharing the picture.

Can't wait to hear more about your new foster friend. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Tracker!

Kathy B said...

Stopping by to say Hello from Over 40 blog hop. Come visit me when you can,
Thanks, Kathy