Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Quickie Random Thoughts Tuesday 1-4-11

Hey Everyone!  (all 2 of you!).  Thanks for stopping by.  I've got to do a quickie RTT today as I'm crazy busy all of a sudden.  If you want to see other RTT, you've got to go to the awesome Keely at the UnMom!

We had our black eyed peas and cornbread for good luck in the new year.  Kids weren't happy, but they got to eat some too.

Then we gave the middle kid (9) a kumquat.  If you haven't had one, they are really sour but sweet too as long as you keep chewing.  Anyway, we all laughed as he gagged, gagged, then finally spit it out.

Anyone looking for a new best friend for the new year?  We've got a great new foster dog.  I can't believe he hasn't been adopted yet.  Poor thing has been at the shelter for almost a year.  Look at this face.
Astro, our new foster dog (with Ginger and Chili)
How could this sweet, loving, friendly, obedient, wonderful dog spend a year in the slammer?  Well, he only had 7 days in the slammer.  He was rescued by Hope Rescues and has been with them ever since.  But I know why he hasn't been adopted.  He's black and he has pit bull mixed in there.  Black dogs (for whatever strange reason) and pit bulls spend more time in shelters and are more likely to be put down.  But he's gonna hang with us for a while.  Not that our house is any quieter than a shelter!

I guess I should show you this picture of me with my best buddy (although he has no idea who I am).

Yes, that is Mark Beurhle.  Don't know who he is?  Well, neither did I, but I'm not really a baseball fan.  He's the pitcher for the Chicago White Sox.

K.  The reason I'm in such a hurry today is that I found out (yesterday!) what two classes I'm teaching this semester.  I haven't taught either of them before and classes start next week!!!!!!!  So I'm leaving you now to put together my syllabi and visit my best friend, Mr. Power Point.

Have a great Tuesday!


Coffeypot said...

I don't know who he is even with you telling me. I quit folowing BB when they went on strike. But good luck with your new classes. I guess it's good YOU don't have to take a test before you can teach the class.

Sandra said...

I've also heard that about black dogs not getting adopted as quickly. It was on this information that I myself adopted a black dog from a shelter. I'd love to foster as well, but I suspect I would end up keeping every pet that entered my home...ok, well, maybe I wouldn't but my husband would think I would.

Susan said...

My son would LOVE to foster dogs. I really need to look into this. It would be better for us than a long term commitment to keep them. So glad I stopped by and can't wait to visit again. :-) Susan

Marty said...

Thanks so much for the well wishes to my hubby returning home=) We had a wonderful Christmas, I sure hope you did as well!!