Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sassy Sunday 10/10/10 It's a Dog Party!

Hey Everyone!  Thanks for stopping by.  Today was the best day ever!  There was this big dog party in a nearby town.  They are raising money for an off-leash dog park.  Isn't that great?

So Mom took Ginger, Chili and me (along with a couple of the human kids).  There were a ton of dogs there!  Big dogs, little dogs, black dogs, white dogs, red dogs, blue dogs, it was a huge dog party!

And Hope Rescues was there so we got to see some of our favorite people!
Here are some of the pics.

Here's Chili, smiling for the camera
Ginger and Chili making friends with some lady and her dogs
Me and some dogs
The 3 of us
Ginger standing in my drink!
We just ran and ran and ran.
It was a great day.

Thanks for stopping by today.  Have a great week!


rxBambi said...

looks like a great party sassy!! your cousins wish they could have gone too... but kodi gets car sick and one of the humans had something to do...

Sherri said...

great pictures of your dogs.
You visited me recently. I'm now following you.

Lisa E said...

sure looks like all had fun. My dog loves his doggy park.