Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts 9/21/10

Hey All, Happy Tuesday.  I'm joining the UnMom today and doing an RTT.  Head on over, link up and play along.

So.  WTF is with things that expire right after the warranty runs out?  Like my HARD DRIVE!!!  Yup.  Had to get a new one.  My Apple Care ran out in July.  But thanks to those wonderful computer guys, all my files got transferred to the new one.

I'm ready for fall weather.  It was 90 today.

Sassy has a fan of her Sassy Sunday posts.  And, apparently, she's been slacking off too much and her devoted fan is unhappy.  So she needs to get her butt in gear and do another post.  Maybe about the really cool Cooper's hawk that was on our deck.

He (or she) was watching the bird feeder just off to the left.  Not interested in the birdseed, of course, but the little birds eating the birdseed.  I didn't see him catch anything.  He flew off shortly after letting me take his picture.

What are teenagers good for?  I'm sure many-a-parent has wondered this.  Well, I have an answer.  Power-washing out the gutters.

My neighbor across the street and I were lamenting the fact that her husband wasn't at home while the kid was doing this.  He's the head of emergency medicine at a near-by hospital and would have been useful to have around if said teenager had fallen off the roof.  Luckily, all was well.  Except that hubby wasn't too happy about the fact I let him do it in the first place.  Oh well.  Better to ask forgiveness than permission.

My baby turned 8 this past week.  What better place to have a party for a handful of 7 and 8 year olds than the local video game rental place and store.  It was actually pretty sweet.  The kids (there were 8 of them) could play any game in the store that was used or offered for rent.  There were 2 wii's set up, an x-box, and they could use handhelds as well.  The poor girl who was helping us with the party was running the whole time changing out games.  To top it all off: a Dippin' Dots cake.

Here's a dog picture.  Thrown in just for the benefit of the extremely funny Ed, from Ed's Funny Pages.

That's it for Tuesday.  Have a great one!

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rxBambi said...

that's my freakin nephew on that roof?? hahhahaha. love it. glad he didnt crack his noggin.

love you