Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts 6/22/10

Hi All.  It's Tuesday so I'm playing along with Keely at the Un-Mom.  Link up and play along!

Why is it that when Hubby sets the alarm for 5:15, so he can get up early and get to work, I have to get up with puppies?  Maybe he could set the alarm for 5:10.  Then he could get the puppies up and outside before getting in the shower and I could stay in bed.  FYI, if it were just Chili she would stay in bed with me and not worry about the fact that Hubby is up.  But the new foster puppy needs to go out first thing, then play like a puppy for about 2 hours, then take a nap.

I found one of those huge tomato horn worms on my tomato plant this week.  If you don't know what they look like, check out this post I did last year.  Anyway, they get so big that I can't stand the thought of squishing them.  And I can't let them live.  It wouldn't be responsible since they are an agricultural pest and all.  So my 14-year-old came up with the suggestion that we put him in the bird feeder.  Great idea!  And the little bird that came and got him was amazing.  The thing was bigger than the bird's head.  But he took it anyway.

I don't usually have a craving for cheese after I wake up from a nap.  (What?  Oh, go see Keely).

I'm going to teach a biology class in the fall at the local university.  Cool, huh?  and I'll even get paid.

We got out our old video camera since we were feeling really guilty about not having any video of the kids from the past 4 years.  Then we found out that it isn't working.  There had been a recall but it has expired.  That's why you are supposed to send those stupid little warranty cards.  Figures.

I LOVE QUEBEC.  We took the kids and spent a week up there.  We saw Montreal, Quebec City and the Charlevoix region.  We went whale watching and saw a ton a beluga whales and some minke whales too.  It was great.  But why is it that kids, while traveling in an awesome new place with lots of cool stuff to see, would just as soon go back to the hotel and swim than anything else?  Their aunt has a pool.  The Y has a 3 pools.  We can swim pretty much anytime.  Can we visit a quaint cafe or check out "the old city" anytime?  No.
Best thing about Quebec - the people.  They were soooo friendly.

I hate having to worry about how something I eat is going to affect my blood sugar.  It sucks. 

That's about it for today.  I promised Hubby that if he'd take oldest kid to summer school today I'd put away 2 baskets-full of laundry (it's always laundry around here).  So I'd best get to it!

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Anonymous said...

I usually crave any sort of food right after a nap; cheese sounds like it'd be good. You both have me thinking about cheese now!

VandyJ said...

Cool that you get to teach. And get paid. Have fun.

Julie from Momspective said...

You have officially made me afraid of tomato's.

Coffeypot said...

That is one huge ass worm next to that tomato. Did it come from a Japanese movie? TOMITOE the Killer Worm. Ate Tokyo in 15 min.

Daffy said...

It totally makes more sense for hubs to get up just a wee bit earlier to take the pupps out!

At least it does to me

tori said...

I swear, every vacation we have had over the past 20 years with kids, the hubby and I are always saying "we are going to come back here without the kids someday so we can REALLY enjoy it".
But when we go somewhere by ourselves I find myself wishing the kids were there to "see this or that" even though I know they wouldn't appreciate it!

otin said...

Pretty sadistic with the worm! LOL

I never crave cheese unless it is melted on Nacho chips or pizza!

Diabetes runs in my family, so I have to keep an eye out....