Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts 6/1/10

Hi Everyone.  It's Tuesday.  So that means it's time to link up with Keely at the Un-Mom for some Tuesday randomness!  Link up and play along.  Everyone is doing it.

Summer break is here.  What I'm wondering is: Am I such a bad mom that I actually dread summer break? I hear all these moms saying stuff like "I can't wait for school to be out." or "I'm so glad summer break is here!"  What's up with that?  I guess their kids aren't always fighting and whining.

I just visited Jane over at Spain Daily.  She had some photos from a stop in San Sebastian.  That's in northern Spain in the Basque country.  Hubby and I spent 6 months there way back when we didn't have kids.  I sometimes miss those carefree, non-kid days.  Not that I'd trade my fighting, whining kids for anything in the world.  I'm just looking forward to them being grown-ups so we can again travel a little more care-free than we can with kids.

Speaking of traveling with kids, we will be taking a trip this summer to Canada with the kids.  We are doing a "Quebec experience" with stops in Montreal, Quebec City and Charlevoix.  Our experience will include whale watching too.  We are all looking forward to it, even if it will only be a week away from home.

Mean Owen has a good post this week.  You should check it out.

I may come back and add some more randomness.  But there's a kid asking for lunch and just some love and attention in general.  It's hard to blog while a kid is talking to you.  So thanks for stopping by!


rxBambi said...

one day they will be all grown up and you'll wonder where the time went. And where the heck your youth is.

iasa said...

I am one of those mothers that longs for summer vacation, but only because there is a slim chance I won't have to wake up at god-thirty to get them ready and I spend most of the summer in the Caribbean.

Coffeypot said...

I want to go to Canada, too. I've been to Nova Scotia - during a tropcial storm. Even the cruse ship was a rocking and rolling. I planned on buying stock in a barf-bag company this season.

mean_owen said...

"...in San Sebastian. That's in northern Spain in the Basque country."

What?! Surely you remember the phrase "Hau ez da España!"

McGillicutty said...

Wow six months in spain with your beloved.. how romantic... we spent five steamy nights in Paris once... oohhh now i'm blushing! hihihihi