Saturday, August 20, 2011

One Down, Seven To Go!

This is Roxy.  She was born under our house the day before Father's Day this year.  This photo was taken just two or so days after she was born.
Well, Roxy has gone to her new forever home.  Here's a not-so-great cell-phone image of her with her 3 siblings taken about 10 days ago.  She is as cute as can be (aren't they all?).  Her new mom (lucky for us, she lives in our neighborhood!) says she's just running around the house, trying to get their older cat to play, and settling in just fine.
The mom, Daisy, should be leaving here with her 3 other kittens in about a week or 10 days.  They will all be going to the same home.  They will live with the Grandma and Grandpa of 4 grandchildren.  That way, each grandchild will have his or her own cat living at Grandma's house.  I think they will have a great life.
As for the newest batch, we still have no permanent homes on the horizon for them.  They are listed on petfinder with the rescue for which we are fostering them.  And I've had a couple of neighbors express some interest.  But so far nothing as been finalized.  Keep your paws crossed for them!

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Oskar said...

Hooray for all of the new forever homes!

Nubbin wiggles,

tubby3pug said...

Oh we hope they find homes

Marg said...

Glad you could find homes for them. And good for you to foster the kitties and cats. We are sending tons of purrs that the rest will find some great homes.Take care and have a fantastic Sunday.