Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday Pet Blog Hop - Kittens are 3 weeks old!!

Hi Everyone!
We are participating in the Saturday Blog Hop today.  If you are interested, go here, and sign up!  The link will take you to Two Little Cavaliers, one of the hosts of the blog hop.

Well, the kittens we found on Father's Day are now 3 weeks old.  It's hard to believe!  They are now getting around on their own pretty well.  They are even venturing out of the "nest" my son set up for them in the guest bathroom shower.
Here are two of them, Roxy (the calico baby) and Kitten #3 (still not named by new family) out on the rug in front of their kennel.  Mom is looking on.  See her there in the corner?
Here Momma and #3 are squeezing between the door to the shower and the kennel.
So, today I set out a small, low tray with litter in it.  And I'll be putting some food out for them soon too. If there is anyone out there with advice, I'm all ears.  I've never taken care of babies this young and the internet does have some confusing information.

Sassy will be going in for surgery on her torn CCL (same as ACL in humans) next week.  That's the ligament in the knee.  She's been limping around for a while and the medicine isn't helping.  Doc thinks the best thing to do now is the surgery.  So keep her in your thoughts and hope she gets lots of good pain drugs!

Have a great weekend!


Oskar said...

We don't have any experience with baby kittens, so we can't be of much help.

I hope that Sassy sails through her surgery!

Nubbin wiggles,

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your kittens. They look adorable. You might just ask the vet about the kittens if the internet is too varied. I also bet there's a good book at the pet store. I think you're wonderful to take them in. My mama would have to give them away asap. She's allergic to cats. I'm what we call hypoallergenic. Mama can rub her face in my fur and be just fine!

Good luck with your kittens!

Your Pal,