Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sassy Sunday 7/25/10

Happy Sunday!  Thanks for stopping by today.  I'm glad you're here!

I'm especially glad because I'm really, really getting tired of those puppies!  I know I'm not doing any of the work.  But they annoy me just the same.  And growling doesn't seem to be getting the point across.  They still keep putting their noses in my butt, they think my ears are for chewing, and they think all my stuff is theirs!  Can you help me find them a home? They are actually pretty cute. :)

Did you know that according to the ASPCA,  5 out of every 10 dogs and 7 out of every 10 cats in shelters are euthanized simply because there is no room for them and no one adopts them?  That's what was going to happen to Bonnie and Clyde.  They'd been in Animal Control for their 5 days (I don't know how they got there).  They were scheduled to be put down.  The humane society was full.  Apparently all the other rescues around were full.  And Hope Rescues didn't have room for them either.  We were literally their last hope of survival (it was already after noon and their time was up at 1:00 p.m.).  So Barb went and got them and here they are annoying the crap out of me! (Growl, growl, grumble, grumble).  Luckily, they get their second set of shots this week.  Then they can go home.  (as soon as they get a home, that is.)

So.  Can you help me out?

Thanks for listening to my whining.  I'm off to watch TV with my boys.  No one watches TV with kids better than I do!
Happy Sunday


Coffeypot said...

The majority of the dogs I transport to NY comes from 'the kill room' at the shelters Dr. Amber visits. That is why it is so important to practice spay and neutering of your animals.

They are cute pups, but then they all are.

rxBambi said...

hey sunshine, those are some cute pups you got there. I'm sure they'll find a home soon. Tell Barbie I love her.

Brian Miller said...

awww..they are adorable...esp the brown & white...