Saturday, July 25, 2009

Diabetes Sucks!

Welcome to my pity party.  I guess I'm just feeling sorry for myself today.  I was trying to fold a load of laundry but had to lie down.  (I'm lying on the couch writing this).  For those of you who don't know, I have type 2 diabetes, the most common form and the one that doesn't always require insulin therapy.  I'm not using insulin but am trying to control my blood sugars with other medications.  Two of my diabetes meds cause nausea.  I have it just about every day. Usually it is mild enough to ignore.   But today it is augmented by one of my other meds (which makes me feel like I've got a whopper of a hangover when I forget to take it.  I forgot to take it yesterday so I have the whopper hangover today). 

I know that this disease is not the worst thing in the world.  A friend whom I've known since I was a freshman in high school is battling breast cancer, for God's sake.  And type 1 diabetics have a much harder time of it than I do.  But it sucks nonetheless.  When I'm being "good" I check my blood sugar 3 times a day (or I might just have a period of denial or apathy that lasts for weeks when I don't check at all).   I have to think about the carbs in every meal.  I have to remember to eat even when I feel sick to my stomach.  I have to resist feeling deprived when everyone is having some sinful, delicious dessert.  I have to keep in mind, that even though this disease is not going to kill me right away, if I don't stay on top of it, the constant increased blood glucose levels will damage the tiny blood vessels in my eyes leading to increased risk for blindness, in my kidneys leading to increased risk of kidney failure, and in my extremities leading to increased risk of amputation.  My DH helpfully suggests that I close my eyes, hop on one foot, and imagine myself on dialysis whenever I want to ignore the fact that I have this disease.  I guess increased risk of heart attack and stroke are also worth paying attention to.

I got a "welcome" kit in the mail today from the manufacturer of my newest medication.  It's an injectable (not insulin) drug and the company sent the kit with some info and a carrying case for the injection pen.  It's nice, of course, to have all the information available.  And to have "stuff" to help you deal with everyday issues of a chronic disease.  But today it feels more like a "welcome to my nightmare" kit than a "welcome" kit.  
And when I'm feeling sorry for myself, like today, I really miss my dad.  He had diabetes for 40 something years.  When I was pregnant he gave me pep-talks and pointers on insulin injections and reminded me that it wasn't that bad after all.  He didn't let diabetes keep him from flying airplanes or winning a road race in his 1990 corvette ZR1.  (or spending my inheritance in the process!)  I guess I can get up off this couch and finish folding the laundry.  Besides, my DS's last t-ball game is today.  I can't let a little nausea keep me from that.

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rxBambi said...

Awww punkin. I'm sorry you are having a rough day. Did your welcome to my nightmare kit tell you what I told you this am? That hopefully it'll get better?
Maybe try to take a meclizine with it (although that can make you sleepy). Hmmm, rx for zofran? Might be worth a shot if it's that bad...